coming soon: courses & coaching

coming soon: courses & coaching

I spend a lot of my time making connections with people I find special, hearing their stories and telling them in detail about the unique magic I see in them. I change the atmosphere of a room when I walk into it, people can feel my unique energy and they are curious and drawn in.

This is both something innate within me and something I have learned to cultivate, wield and protect as I have grown into who I am.

I make new friends every day. It’s just who I am. I talk to strangers because I know they are most likely future friends and important collaborators on my journey. I collect these connections and I treasure them.

a little backstory...

I survived multiple cults in my youth.

Actual brainwashing and psychological torment,

and as a bonus, the implosion of the music industry as I knew it. I was a child prodigy musician who got a thunderous, early launch into the music world at age 13. For decades I made music with some of the best musicians in the entire world.

But I was stuck in many ways as a human soul, haunted by demons and wounds from my past.

In 2017 I risked everything, gathered all my courage and reinvented myself from the ground up, moved to Cape Cod, bought a house near the ocean, and took on the moniker Adventure Lion. In that year I traveled the world, dated a young model in Siberia, made 8 trips to Russia, got many tattoos that tell the story of Terra Incognita, the latin phrase they used to write in the margins of ancient maps before they knew what was out in the margins of the world. It means “unknown land”, or as Saint Anthony Boundain said, Parts Unknown.

I leaned in to all the mysteries and unknowns I could find, got certified as a life coach, created a lot of new music, and led the way for many through the dark years of a highly coordinated global PsyOp called ‘the pandemic’. I advocated for voluntaryism, self ownership, bodily autonomy and medical freedom in the face of aggressive opposition and ruthless attempts at control by the same types of power hungry narcissists that ran the cults I grew up in.

And I won. I became free, I became strong, and for the first time in my life I became truly happy and authentic. I used my empathy for others, something that somehow survived completely intact through all I had been through, to help others free themselves from control systems of all kinds. Because I knew the way, I knew how to get out of that prison.

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Courses released as part of the Map Of The Unknown World will help you piece together your unique path & journey to cultivating your magical creativity, influencing people as a visionary and creative, and breaking free of control systems.

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